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“Murder Mystery” party


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Indulge in our degustation menu paired with a thrilling ‘Murder Mystery’ party tailored for 10-20 persons.

Immerse yourselves in solving a mystery while enjoying a gourmet dinner at our cozy Stenhus restaurant. Guided by a professional organizer, this role-playing game fosters team spirit and unveils hidden talents.

Ideal for corporate events, birthdays, or a fun gathering with friends.

Degustation menu: €89 per person

Degustation menu + wine pairing (a glass for each course): €138 per person

‘Murder Mystery’ game for 10-20 people: €660

Info & reservations:


+372 53 81 0550

NOTE: This event format is organized in collaboration with ‘Murder Mystery’ game organizers. Payments for game services are made directly to them without restaurant mediation.

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